Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Crunchy SBS

So, here's a fly I've done pretty well  on so far this year.  Since I came up with it last August I've taken a ton of fish from rivers on it.  I give you, The Crunchy.  Not specifically imitative but could be suggestive of  Dragon fly nymphs or just something edible for a hungry carp.


Owner Carp C6 boilie size 4
8/0 colour to suit
Silli legs
Hot orange sow scud dubbing
Hares ear wiggle dub
Rabbit zonker in a contrasting colour
Chopped up EP fibres mixed with some flash (I keep the trimmings from when I tie merkins and shrimp for the flats-any really coarse synthetic dubb will do)
Bead chain eyes to suit

 Put the hook in the vice and tie on a string of four bead chain eyes about an eye width behind the hook eye

 Run the thread down round the bend and tie in 4 silli legs, put a few turns of thread behind them to make them flare. 


Dubb the hot spot- I like orange but magenta and Yellow also work pretty well.  I like the hot spt to be about 1/3 of the body length.

Make a dubbing loop with the wiggle dub and wind it forward to just behind the bead chain.

Tie in a bunch of hair from a zonker strip, the hair should be pointin out over the eye- don't trim the butts. It's best if you make this a different colour from the body

Fold the rabbit back and put plenty of wraps IN FRONT of the hair to push it back against the butts.  DON'T TIE down on top or you'll make the wing collapse.  If it collapses there's no point in the folding, which is there to make the wing stand up.

Put the Dubbing for the head in another dubbing loop and dub forward, be sure to go around the eyes, and cover the inner two beads. Whip finish and cement the thread wraps, then give the body a good rough up with a dubbing brush or some velcro.

The Crunchy

Tight lines

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