Monday, 21 November 2016

Sailfish short

I put together a short clip of our trip to Rompin. Enjoy!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Malaysian Pacu Fly

While in Malaysia with Rompin Sailfish on Fly the guys showed us the fly they use for the pacu that have been introduced across the region and I did a fly tying how to for the channel. Even though the fish are found only in South America (and South East Asia since they were introduced in the 90s) I'm sure the fly will be deadly for other species too.

Rompin Sailfish Flies

I thought I'd just put the how to videos for the flies we were using in Rompin in one post so they're easy to find.

Here are the 2 that resulted in fish landed;

1. Cam Sigler big game tube. 

Orange/yellow, Pink/white and Chartreuse/Blue all got eaten 

2. Flashy Profile Fly

The flies that were eaten but we didn't convert


pink/white and orange/yellow/white

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Rompin Sailfish

I've just returned from a week in Malaysia where I spent 3 days fly fishing for sailfish with Sportfishing Asia  and it was amazing.

Because of holiday dates we basically fished the end of the season, the last week before the monsoon in fact.  Despite this, we had a great couple of days with 14 fish raised with 3 landed on the first day and 18 raised and 1 on the second with lots of shots on both days. Unfortunately a pretty drastic change in weather meant we only raised 1 fish on the third but we still had a good day talking fish and fishing with the crew. 2 fish each for 2 days fishing felt pretty amazing to us as it was our first time targeting billfish on fly.

 Look at that tail!

On the first day the fish showed a strong preference for poppers and flat out refused sunk flies like Klingons and FPFs. On the second day the fish were more willing and hit both floating and sunk flies.
Pink Cam Sigler fly got the most strikes

Orange and yellow also worked well

Flashy Profils Fly also got it done
 The fishing is super exciting, its amazing watching a sailfish smash the teasers and getting lured to the boat and into casting range then the bill coming up as the fish smashes your fly, then the hard bit is staying calm and getting a hook in them...the tension is electric with such fast paced frenetic action.  It's a must for any fly angler.

The guys from Sport fishing Asia were absolutely great to fish with and were real fishing fanatics..I might have convinced them to go to Norway but that's another story.  They were great company in the evenings too and kept us well fed with some amazing meals and went the extra mile taking us to a local fly shop on the way back to Kuala Lumpur.
I'd really recommend fishing with these guys if you get the chance, I'm already planning next year's trip

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Summer of Smallies


While Japan is known for its bass fishing industry, where I live there's not a lot of opportunity for the fly angler and where there is, the number of fisherman is unbelievable- really not my cup of tea.  I like to get away from the crowd, which makes carp ideal as almost no one here targets them.  I started fishing a new river about an hour north of Tokyo that as far as I knew didn't hold bass, it certainly didn't hold bass fishermen.
I'd fished it a few times since last year and had caught some lovely big carp to over 20lbs in super clear water, it was great especially as the fish were pretty predatory and willing to chase down big flies.

That's a size 1 hairy fodder hanging out of that fish's mouth

This spring I noticed a fish out in a deep pool that clearly wasn't a carp didn't seem to spook from the flies it wasn't eating, I took me a minute to realize, but then it dawned on me.. bedding smallmouth and no one was fishing for them!We spotted a few more and decided to come back post spawn and get some.
It's been pretty good, we could probably have caught more fish by covering more water rather than sight fishing everything but, it's not just how many you get, it's also how you get them. This was a great little find and not far from home either.

Here's a nice little chunk caught on dry fly

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Redington Behemoth First impressions

Here's a short video of the first impressions. I'll be testing it on Sails in November at Kuala Rompin.
I'll follow up with a full review after I return

Too much work, not enough play

This year has been a bit of  a desert as far as fishing is concerned.  Between, work,  studying and  some terrible weather over the summer and into autumn there's been little done.  That said ther have been some good  moments.

In March/April, David and I headed down to Kuroshima in the Yaeyama archipelago. It was my second visit and his first. The weather was better this time, but unseasonably cool and we were unlucky with a couple of storms blowing through.  Fishing was tough but we caught a few on the flats and had some shots at GTs and triggers(the target species) unfortunately we couldn't translate these into landed fish.

Victims of the triggers

We also had a lot of fun jumping small sharks that were really keen on little bangers

We did manage a few other species including parrotfish thick lipped trevally, needlefish, small grouper and some kind of emperor.  As well as spotting some golden trevally, bluefin trevally and what while unconfirmed could have been an indo pacific permit...
In the warmer weather it was amazing to see the sheer number of mantis shrimp on the  flats.  It's easy to see what brings the triggers etc up onto the flats.

There will be another trip in the spring and hoping for better weather.

A rare glimpse of sun at lunch

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Mexico is Great

Right Guys just got back from 18 days at Costa de Cocos ( in Xcalak where I had a mix of guided and DIY fishing and it was amazing, so amazing that I'll be back in August. 
The lodge was nice, fairly basic cabanas but spotlessly clean, very friendly staff with great food and local craft beer. There are also some great little restaurants in the village.
The guides were good, I took a mix of in house guides and other local guys-on balance the CdC guides were better and generally more personable.
The fishing was great, although I can't really comment on the tarpon because I got so sucked into chasing permit that I didn't spend any time chasing them. My relationship with permit was almost exclusively one of rejection, I only got one eat despite seeing numerous permit- I didn't land the fish either.

 I stopped fishing bones with the guides after the first day because they were just so numerous and easy from no pressure that it was getting boring, I decided instead to spend the afternoons walking the ocean side looking for larger fish. I'm not sure how many I caught over the trip, but in the last 2 hours of sunlight after the guided days I was averaging 3 - 5 fish and generally more when fishing full days on my own. I didn't see any trigger fish during the trip. Other species caught included a bunch of barracuda to well over the metre, numerous jacks to about 25lb and various little reef species.

The wild life was really cool, if sometimes a bit unnerving at times with a range of amazing bird life dolphins, manatees, crocodiles, alligators, and a jaguar that took a dog from the compound up the road on new years eve. There's plenty of snorkelling, kayaking and other activities for kids etc. if you need to take family along too