Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Rompin Sailfish

I've just returned from a week in Malaysia where I spent 3 days fly fishing for sailfish with Sportfishing Asia  and it was amazing.

Because of holiday dates we basically fished the end of the season, the last week before the monsoon in fact.  Despite this, we had a great couple of days with 14 fish raised with 3 landed on the first day and 18 raised and 1 on the second with lots of shots on both days. Unfortunately a pretty drastic change in weather meant we only raised 1 fish on the third but we still had a good day talking fish and fishing with the crew. 2 fish each for 2 days fishing felt pretty amazing to us as it was our first time targeting billfish on fly.

 Look at that tail!

On the first day the fish showed a strong preference for poppers and flat out refused sunk flies like Klingons and FPFs. On the second day the fish were more willing and hit both floating and sunk flies.
Pink Cam Sigler fly got the most strikes

Orange and yellow also worked well

Flashy Profils Fly also got it done
 The fishing is super exciting, its amazing watching a sailfish smash the teasers and getting lured to the boat and into casting range then the bill coming up as the fish smashes your fly, then the hard bit is staying calm and getting a hook in them...the tension is electric with such fast paced frenetic action.  It's a must for any fly angler.

The guys from Sport fishing Asia were absolutely great to fish with and were real fishing fanatics..I might have convinced them to go to Norway but that's another story.  They were great company in the evenings too and kept us well fed with some amazing meals and went the extra mile taking us to a local fly shop on the way back to Kuala Lumpur.
I'd really recommend fishing with these guys if you get the chance, I'm already planning next year's trip

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