Friday, 20 July 2018

Book suggestion

In each episode of the vlog I've been recommending books. To make things easier I've also decided to share the book recommendation as an individual post on here.

In this episode it's Ed Mitchell's excellent Fly-fishing the Saltwater Shoreline.
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Although it focuses on the US's eastern seaboard it is a great read full of useful information for saltwater fly anglers anywhere in the world. I would say this is essential reading for anyone starting to venture out in the salt with their fly rod, and is certainly a good refresher for more experienced anglers too.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Hi Viz Foam Ant

Step by step instructions for a simple but deadly foam ant. Try these when smaller ant species are around or the fish are not committing to larger offerings. Head to to access members only content, be eligible for future giveaways, and support the channel. twitter/instagram @flickinfeathers Material list Hook: TMC 100 size 10-18 Thread: 6/0 to match body colour Body: Rainy's Hi-viz ant body Legs: centipede legs or small round rubber

Monday, 16 July 2018

South Fork Chernobyl Ant

Step By step Instructions for a nice variation of the Chernobyl ant. With the hackle and dubbed body the South Fork Chernobyl is that bit buggier than the original and can be incredibly effective on its day. To support the channel and get access to members only content head to and sign up twitter/instagram @flickinfeathers Materials used Hook: TMC 5263 Thread: Danville's Flat waxed nylon Under-body: Flashy dubbing (ice dub etc) Body: 2mm foam Hackle: Dry fly saddle Legs: barred silli legs Sighter: 2mm foam

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Amy's Ant

Amy's ant is a versatile dry fly attractor terrestrial that can be used to represent hoppers, crickets, ants and any other big chunky bug that might fall onto the water. It's highly buoyant and ideal for fishing singly or as part of a hopper dropper. To be eligible for giveaways head to and start supporting the channel. Twitter/instagram @flickinfeathers Materials used Hook: TMC 5263 size 12-6 Thread: 140 flat waxed nylon Underbody: 2mm foam Body: fine cactus chenille Hackle: Saddle hackle Back: 2mm foam Underwing: Crystal flash Overwing: Elk hair Thorax: Synthetic dubbing Legs: round rubber

Monday, 9 July 2018

Tying Carl's Cicada

Step by step instructions for Carl's cicada. This highly effective terrestrial dry fly is quick and easy to tie, high floating and fairly durable. It's well worth having a few in your box for annual or periodic cicada hatches. To be eligible for future giveaways, head over to and become a patron. Materials used Hook: TMC 760SP size 6 Thread: Danville's Flat waxed nylon Body: Plastazote foam Underwing: Crystal flash Wing: calf tail Legs: medium round rubber or sili legs

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Balanced leech

Step by step instructions for a super simple balanced streamer. This is a great introduction to balanced flies as it's quick and easy but still absolutely deadly for a range of species from trout, to bass, to perch. To be eligible for future giveaways and support the channel head over to and become a patron. twitter/instagram @flickinfeathers Materials Hook: Your choice of jig hook Balance mount: Dressmakers pin Weight: Tungsten bead Thread: 6/0 to match the body colour Tail/body: SLF Flash: Sybai tinsel hair

Monday, 2 July 2018

Tying the Mohican

Step by step instructions for the Mohican, this is an older style pike and predator that is highly effective when you need something with a deeper profile. The multiple bucktail wings make this pattern add enough buoyancy to give this fly great hang time which is excellent for triggering strikes. To support the channel and be eligible for fly giveaways head to and become a patron. twitter/instagram @flickinfeathers Matreials used: Hook: partridge attitude extra although any long shank Aberdeen style hook will work Thread: 3/0 Wing: bucktail Flash: Sybai sparkle hair Eyes: 3D eyes of your choice Finish: Epoxy or UV resin