Saturday, 29 April 2017

Turneffe Crab

Step by step instructions for a variation of the Turneffe Crab that I first saw being tied by Australian tier Jon Makim of  Simple to tie, this crab pattern was originally designed for bonefish but works well for triggerfish and others.
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Materials Used
Hook: Owner Flyliner size 8-2
Thread: Any 6/0
Body: Furry Foam
Legs: Barred round rubber
Claws: Deer hair

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Coyote Shrimp

Step by step instructions for a nice little shrimp fly.  This is a derivative of a couple of patterns, but largely inspired by Darren from
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Materials used
Hook:  Owner fly liner 4-2 (your prefferred bonefish hook would also be fine
Thread: veevus FL Orange 10/0
Weight: dumbbell eyes
Tail: coyote fur
Egg Sack: Glo bug/egg yarn
Eye: EP crustacean eyes or home made equivalent
Legs: Tan tipped clear/gold flake silli legs and natural cram centipede legs
Body: Sybai nymph dubbing
Wing: Coyote fur
Weed guard :20lb mason

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Reach Around Crab

Heading back to Okinawa in search of triggerfish and GTs, I'm tying up some reach around crabs as they seemed to be the most effective pattern on the local triggers with several eats resulting in destroyed flies but none landed. This trip I'm using different hooks and hoping for better results.

Step by step instructions for the "Reach Around" Crab.  I believe this pattern originates from the guys at Fly Castaway and is a very effective pattern for trigger fish and others.  It's thin, compact and quite easy casting which makes it great on windier days too.
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Materials Used
Hook: SL11-3H Gamakatsu
Thread: Any
Keel: tungsten beads on 20lb mono
Flash: UV flash
Claws: cock hackle
Mouth parts: Cock hackle
Legs: rubber legs
Body: Velcro cut to shape
Glue: 5 minute epoxy
Weed guard: 20lb Mono

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Step by step instructions for the Vladi worm, or condom worm.
This is a great pattern for trout and grayling and relatively easy to tie

Monday, 3 April 2017

Creature Frog

Step by step instructions for a highly effective bass frog.  This fly will work for anything that will hit frogs off the surface and can be fished through quite heavy cover, it can chug and pop or you can fish it more slowly and it will work more like a slider because of  the round head. Try them in a weed bed near you and hold on!