Sunday, 23 April 2017

Reach Around Crab

Heading back to Okinawa in search of triggerfish and GTs, I'm tying up some reach around crabs as they seemed to be the most effective pattern on the local triggers with several eats resulting in destroyed flies but none landed. This trip I'm using different hooks and hoping for better results.

Step by step instructions for the "Reach Around" Crab.  I believe this pattern originates from the guys at Fly Castaway and is a very effective pattern for trigger fish and others.  It's thin, compact and quite easy casting which makes it great on windier days too.
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Materials Used
Hook: SL11-3H Gamakatsu
Thread: Any
Keel: tungsten beads on 20lb mono
Flash: UV flash
Claws: cock hackle
Mouth parts: Cock hackle
Legs: rubber legs
Body: Velcro cut to shape
Glue: 5 minute epoxy
Weed guard: 20lb Mono