Saturday, 17 September 2016

Too much work, not enough play

This year has been a bit of  a desert as far as fishing is concerned.  Between, work,  studying and  some terrible weather over the summer and into autumn there's been little done.  That said ther have been some good  moments.

In March/April, David and I headed down to Kuroshima in the Yaeyama archipelago. It was my second visit and his first. The weather was better this time, but unseasonably cool and we were unlucky with a couple of storms blowing through.  Fishing was tough but we caught a few on the flats and had some shots at GTs and triggers(the target species) unfortunately we couldn't translate these into landed fish.

Victims of the triggers

We also had a lot of fun jumping small sharks that were really keen on little bangers

We did manage a few other species including parrotfish thick lipped trevally, needlefish, small grouper and some kind of emperor.  As well as spotting some golden trevally, bluefin trevally and what while unconfirmed could have been an indo pacific permit...
In the warmer weather it was amazing to see the sheer number of mantis shrimp on the  flats.  It's easy to see what brings the triggers etc up onto the flats.

There will be another trip in the spring and hoping for better weather.

A rare glimpse of sun at lunch

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