Thursday, 7 January 2016

Mexico is Great

Right Guys just got back from 18 days at Costa de Cocos ( in Xcalak where I had a mix of guided and DIY fishing and it was amazing, so amazing that I'll be back in August. 
The lodge was nice, fairly basic cabanas but spotlessly clean, very friendly staff with great food and local craft beer. There are also some great little restaurants in the village.
The guides were good, I took a mix of in house guides and other local guys-on balance the CdC guides were better and generally more personable.
The fishing was great, although I can't really comment on the tarpon because I got so sucked into chasing permit that I didn't spend any time chasing them. My relationship with permit was almost exclusively one of rejection, I only got one eat despite seeing numerous permit- I didn't land the fish either.

 I stopped fishing bones with the guides after the first day because they were just so numerous and easy from no pressure that it was getting boring, I decided instead to spend the afternoons walking the ocean side looking for larger fish. I'm not sure how many I caught over the trip, but in the last 2 hours of sunlight after the guided days I was averaging 3 - 5 fish and generally more when fishing full days on my own. I didn't see any trigger fish during the trip. Other species caught included a bunch of barracuda to well over the metre, numerous jacks to about 25lb and various little reef species.

The wild life was really cool, if sometimes a bit unnerving at times with a range of amazing bird life dolphins, manatees, crocodiles, alligators, and a jaguar that took a dog from the compound up the road on new years eve. There's plenty of snorkelling, kayaking and other activities for kids etc. if you need to take family along too

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