Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sharing the love

Last Monday I took my buddy Hideto from the Tokyo flyfishing blog  out to show him the ropes. He'd been carping before but like most he'd struggled and never really got in to it.  Eventually I convinced him that carp were worth chasing and he asked to come along.
I took him to a small river near my apartment, it doesn't have many big fish but it has a lot of fish so I was confident he'd get a fish or two.  After a quick coffee and explanation about the river, flies and presentation we headed up to the water.
It took Hide a little while to get to grips with the presentation and reading the fish, although identifying takers is going to take more than one session to pin down. Any way we eventually got him a small fish about 20 inches or so after which his confidence started to grow along side a healthy respect for the carp as a fly fishing target.

As the day wore on he picked up a few fish finishing with 5 or 6 nice little commons.  I didn't fish that hard as I wanted him to get  the bug but still managed 6 carp and a barbel.

We also managed a  Double hookup which was nice

These Japanese barbel (Nigoi) are odd, sometimes they go like stink, but sometimes they barely fight at all.  They are pretty fun to sight fish for because they will chase almost anything you pull away from them.

Hideto's filming.

While we were fishing Hide filmed some of the action that he later put together as a short film.  Here's the first instalment of his carp on the fly films.

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