Monday, 5 May 2014

Pop up for fly

So last winter I was thinking about pop ups, the bright bouyant baits the bait guys use and I was thinking about how they behave in water and why they are so effective.  It got me thinking about  applying the principal to flies.  After a few rounds of tweaking, I got down to a final design.
carp lollipop

Basically it's  a crayfishy thing with a floating articulated section.  The back section is tied on a shank an then attached to the  hook with supple braid. What you are left with is a very light free moving tail and a heavy hook.  This is important, it makes the fly behave in a way that carp struggle with in the mouth.  i.e. it creates an anti eject function.  The tail section blows forward but the hook drops and twists, often sticking the bottom lip,  making the fish startle and hook itself-the takes are generally pretty hard on this bug, you'll feel them in your hand. I can't claim to have invented the system- I just applied the mechanics of a successful rig to a fly, but I am more than happy with the results.  The carp lollipop. Suck it and see.