Sunday, 11 May 2014

Brownfish Bitters

The other week I was looking through the 2014 flyswap on FlyCarpin'.  One fly that stuck out to me was the  bitter bugger,  the wooly bugger/bonefish bitters mash up. The reason it jumps out to me is that I also went with the bonefish bitters for carp but found it lacking movement.  Even though I've caught plenty of bonesfish on it I think I only managed a couple of carp .  Anyway  I'm not a huge fan of the wooly bugger for carp, but I decided to revisit the bonefish bitters as I do like the epoxy head as it really makes for a nice stable platform for the fly to stand on.

I added a bit of bulk and sparkle with a cactus chenille body, kept the rubber legs, added a  soft hackle and dropped the deer hair wing in favour of arctic fox tied in "temple dog" style to keep it from collapsing.

The Brownfish Bitters