Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Squishy Fish

Instructions for tying a variation on Peter Hylander's excellent Squishy Fish. This is an excellent fly for imitating all kinds of baitfish and is effective for pretty much any predatory game fish. head over to Patreon to support the channel or follow me on twitter/instagram @flickinfeathers for more content.
Materials used:
Tube: 2 inches of hard plastic 1/8" outer diameter, 3/4 inches of
           1/8" inner diameter soft tube and 1/4 " outer diameter soft
            polythene tubing cut to length.
Weight: 7/16" conehead epoxied to tube blank
Body: Flexo expandable mylar sleeving 1/2" coated with
Thread: GSP or clear mono
Eyes: Flat tape eyes to suit
Permanent marker pens