Monday, 3 July 2017

Peter Mcleod's Gumby Crab

Step by step instructions for Peter Mcleod's Gumby Crab. This crab is fairly easy to tie and works for all sorts of species. Adjust the keel weight and colours to suit the area you're fishing.  Follow me on twitter or instagram @flickinfeathers or head to patreon to support the channel
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Materials used
Hook: Gammakatsu SL11-3H
Thread: Danvilles fat waxed nylon
Hot spot: Flou orange chenille, estaz or egg yarn
Eyes: Epoxy crab eyes
Claws: Knotted chenille
Legs: Silli legs
Body: Crustacean brush
Keel: Tungsen beads on 20lb hard mono
Weedguard: Hard mono