Monday, 13 March 2017

The Dr.

Step by step instructions for a Silver Doctor Temple Dog or Scandinavian style salmon fly. This colour combination and style will be well known to most Atlantic salmon anglers,but they can also be used for pacific salmon and steelhead.
Materials used
Plastic tube system (I like  Guideline or Tiemco but any will do)
Thread: 18/0 Semperfli Nano silk
Tag: silver holographic tinsel
Butt: Fluo red dubbing
Tail: blue over yellow craft fur
Rib: Oval silver tinsel
Body: rear silver holographic tinsel/ front Silver holographic ice dub
Body hackle: Blue Chinese cock hackle
Wing 1: yellow polar fox
Wing 2: red Angel hair and red polar fox
Second hackle: Blue Chinese cock hackle
Wing 3: Blue Polar fox and seafoam green angel hair
Front hackle: grizzly spade hackle
Wing 4: Silver Sparkle Hair with golden brown extra select craft fur
Cheeks: Jungle cock

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